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Windows 8 is the latest release of Windows, bringing an entirely new experience to personal computing. With it, you’ll boot to the lit Start screen and experience apps, games, and social networking at your own pace. Customize your PC any way you like. You can tailor your PC to suit your needs. Work, play, explore – Windows 8 is designed to do it all. What will you do with Windows 8? It’s the Windows you know, only better. Start it up and you’re immediately familiar with how to use it. And since everything in Windows 8 has a touch-friendly design, it feels especially comfortable.

Windows 8 ISO Review

Windows 8 is a very personal OS. It’s on your device with no install discs to lose, and it’s always up-to-date. Get a personalized, tailored experience that meets you where you are in life and does more of the things you want to do. Start it up and it knows what you like – because it’s powered by you. The Windows 8 ISO for PC disc image file allows users to perform a clean install of Windows 8 on their PCs. The image provides users with a full and genuine copy of Windows, identical to the one sold in stores, and includes updates released on various dates.

This is the official bootable ISO disc image for installing Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft. The Windows 8 ISO for PC Windows is the official full version of Windows that can be installed on a PC. This can be used with the correct license and product key to install Windows 8 Pro. If you have an older computer, you should run the file checker first to ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

The download links above are to an ISO image of Windows 8. The ISO can be burned to a DVD or mounted for an install onto a Virtual Machine (VM) using the latest version of VMware, among other options. Users need to apply product keys obtained from Digital River or MAK/Retail packaged media for activation.

Windows 8 Features

  • Start Screen: The Start Screen replaced the traditional Start menu found in previous versions of Windows. It features live tiles that display information and updates from apps.
  • Charms bar: The Charms bar is a feature that can be accessed by swiping from the right side of the screen or moving the mouse to the top-right corner. It provides quick access to common tasks like searching, sharing, and settings.
  • Touchscreen Support: Windows 8 was designed with touchscreen devices in mind, and it includes touch-optimized apps and features like the ability to swipe and pinch-to-zoom.
  • Modern UI: Windows 8 introduced the Modern UI, a design language that emphasizes simplicity, clean typography, and flat, colorful graphics. It was also used for
  • Windows 10, but it was replaced by the Fluent Design System.
  • Improved Search: The search function in Windows 8 is more comprehensive and faster than in previous versions. It allows users to search for apps, files, settings, and the web.
  • OneDrive Integration: Windows 8 includes built-in integration with OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This allows users to access their files and documents from anywhere and on any device.
  • Windows Store: The Windows Store is an app marketplace where users can download apps, games, and other content for their Windows 8 devices.
  • Task Manager: Windows 8 includes an improved Task Manager that provides more detailed information about running apps and processes. It also allows users to easily close apps that are not responding.
  • Snap View: Snap View is a feature that allows users to snap two apps side-by-side on the screen. This is particularly useful on larger displays, as it allows users to multitask more easily.
  • Secure Boot: Windows 8 includes a feature called Secure Boot, which helps protect the system from malware and other security threats by ensuring that only trusted software can run during startup.

Download Information

  • License: Trial
  • Author: Microsoft Inc
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Language: English
  • File Name: Windows 8 ISO for Windows 32 and 64 bit setup exe
  • File Size:

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