NewsBreak is all about local news. Either read the daily news headlines or get notified when there’s something new, so you don’t miss a beat. The application delivers the latest

Javelin PDF Reader

PDFs are one of the most popular file types today. They can be created, edited, and shared with anyone you want. But reading them has never been easy. Reading a

AP News

Want to read the latest news but don’t have time to get online. AP News for PC is your solution. This free and easy-to-use app has been created to bring


Are you tired of those news apps that just show you the latest headline? Have you grown weary at the thought of scrolling through Facebook one more time? SmartNews is

Notion Desktop

You’re a busy person. Whether you’re at college, in business, or just trying to juggle a million jobs at once, there’s never enough time to get it all done. And