Popcorn Time

Your favorite streaming TV service now has an even better app! Popcorn Time for PC Windows makes watching the latest TV shows and movies easy and free. With Popcorn Time,

Signal Secure VPN

Don’t let hackers and ISPs spy on your online activities. Stop them by using Signal Secure VPN! It’s fast, stable, and there are no limits on bandwidth use. Connect to

Universal Media Server

We all have a favorite movie, show, or music. But these days, our media is scattered across a wide range of devices. After all, we can’t just play a file

Spider FreeCell Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the most popular games in history. It’s often called Klondike, Patience, or simply Solitaire. Spider FreeCell Solitaire is the perfect app for every type of player.

Real Boxing Game

Time to box and KO others in this boxing app! Vivid Games, the studio behind well-known online fighting games on mobile, puts on the boxing gloves and presents a flurry