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Download God of War 2 pc game full version setup, direct link for windows. God of War II is an action adventure game developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio.

About God of War 2

God of War 2 is a prequel to the initial God of War. God of War II possibly live up to the successes of its predecessor. A masterpiece of action gaming. God of War II improved on the original in every way possible the characters, weapons, powers, moveset, enemies, bosses, and locations. Accompanying all of the great gameplay and astounding visuals is an amazing score. This game is a major improvement over the first god of war. Better story, better graphics, more gore, more boobies, more bosses, and better weapons.


This is a great collection of games, two of the best PS2 games remastered in high definition and both get trophies with a plantinum. The game play remains the same from the first god of war and is bit easier. God of War 2 is another ‘instant classic’ entry into the amazing God of War series. God of War 2 is one of the most beautiful, brutal and funny action games you can play these days. Pretty much the same game as the previous God of Wars, with the addition of the multiplayer and some little details here and there.

Now with improved visuals, performance and controls these games are perfect. Gameplay in both games in just as great. the graphics, the action, cinematics, are great. Hoping this quality games move the ground to the next gen systems. God of War II is as epic as any other component, and it serves to make the game a much more intense and immersive experience. The best god of War series i`ve ever played.

God of War 2 Screenshots

God of War 2 PC Free Download PC Games

God of War 2 PC Games Screenshots

God of War 2 PC Games Screenshots

God of War 2 System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
    • Memory: 256MB of RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB Video Card (Geforce 3 or better)
    • Hard Drive: 3.6GB of free hard disk space (minimal install)
    • Other Requirements: Software installations required including DirectX and Sony DADC SecuROM
    • Partner Requirements: Please check the terms of service of this site before purchasing this software.

God of War 2 Free Download

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