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Download Metro 2033 Redux PC Game setup file in single, direct link for windows. One of the best cinematic games of 2010. Metro 2033 has a interesting take on apocalypse of humanity.

About Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is like the eastern European Half-Life a must for fans of post apocalyptic settings. This a good game, with a good storyline, excellent graphics. This is a better Russia simulator than DayZ. An atmospheric and intense Post Apocalyptic FPS game. Fantastic story, fantastic voice acting, and fantastic action. The story is great and the gameplay is awesome. Metro 2033 is an amazing game based off of the Metro series. Metro 2033 is an incredible game. Its a very fun game, i loved the story line and the differnet playing style. Everything in this game is brilliant.

Metro 2033

This game is pretty nice. One of the most acceptable linear stories to this date. Takes you to an other atmosphere, changing every establishment of the classis FPS games. Metro 2033 offers the same experience can be experienced. Add in very interesting game mechanics that make the game feel much more alive and real. The creepy atmosphere of the underground metros fighting to survive against mutants, ghosts, anomalyies, and of course human. If you have Metro Last Light first and enjoyed it. All in all good experience. This is one of the best single player FPS games I have ever played.

This game is the most atmospheric and immersive shooter I have ever played. This is a awesome game, and best of all, you can choice if the peoples will talk russia or english. It’s a fun game, you never get bored of it. It’s really well done. If you like SOLID single player experiences then this game is for you. Overall, this game is a must for those who enjoy a First Person Shooter with a different approach than most others. For sure I reccommend this game.

Metro 2033 Screenshots

Metro 2033 Free Download PC Games

Metro 2033 PC Games Gameplay

Metro 2033 PC Games Gameplay

Metro 2033 System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • Processor: Dual core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or better)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9, Shader Model 3 compliant graphics cards (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 and above)
  • DirectX┬«: DirectX 9.0c

Metro 2033 Free Download

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