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Download Zuma Deluxe PopCap pc game full version setup, direct link for windows. This is a great game. Zuma Deluxe is a enjoyable and hearty title, and the perfect time killer.

About Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is a puzzle game where you control a rotating from from a top down view in what looks like an ancient Aztec Mayan temple of sorts. The stages get progressively more challenging as more-complex layouts and additional ball colors are introduced. Graphics for this genre are very satisfying , and unique. The game has many levels in the adventure mode for you to play. The music and sounds on the game are above average for its genre. It uses colorful colors to get you entertained. It is a fun game for a casual player looking to burn some time.

Zuma Deluxe

Another addicting puzzle game courtesy of PopCap. It as much as Bejeweled, this is still an easy to pick up game and is fun for a few hours. I was very surprised, it’s nice and challenging. It’s that it’s better to start with the newer ones. Zuma’s Deluxe is the best. The most fun I’ve ever had getting heart palpitations. This game is that intense. This was one of my go-to casual puzzle games back when it first came out, and it remains a casual favorite that I go back to now and again. This is a good way to kill some time and learn accuracy.

One of the old kings of casual gaming, right there next to Bejeweled, and unsuprisingly made by Pop Cap as well. Perfect gameplay, ultra crisp graphics, catchy beats, extremely easy to just pick up and play. This is much better than Luxor 2 and Zuma Revenge which is a crap knock off of this. If you like puzzle games or something with a challenge I highly reccomend this title. Highly recommeded for casual times, when you are in a hurry and want to play.

Zuma Deluxe Screenshots

Zuma Deluxe PC Games Gameplay

Zuma Deluxe PC Games Gameplay

Zuma Deluxe PC Games Gameplay

Zuma Deluxe System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,
  • 128 MB RAM,
  • 500MHz or faster,
  • DirectX: 7.0

Zuma Deluxe Free Download

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