Penumbra Black Plague Free Download Full Game PC

Download Penumbra Black Plague pc game full version setup, direct link for windows. Penumbra Black Plague is the second game in the Penumbra Series.

About Penumbra Black Plague

One of the best horror games for the PC. Penumbra Black Plague it’s got fun, innovative gameplay, great writing, entertaining VO, a frightening atmosphere, and even manages. It’s a good game that is unique, refreshing, and fun to play. The puzzles are still well done. Anyone who enjoyed Overture has no reason to not enjoy this one. This, as a sequel Overture, did an amazing job to improve on the down sides of the previous game and brilliantly follow the story on. This game much like the first is really good. This is an Awesome game. Puzzling, creepy and mysterious. Black Plague is the best from the Penumbra trilogy in my opinion.

Penumbra Black Plague

One of my favourite games ever, much better than the first and while not as polished or as scary as Amnesia. More interesting to me than the usual haunted house castle in Amnesia. This Game continues from the first and the story is still a intriguing, mystifying and scary story, better puzzles and harder too since. The story now continues and tells us much, much more. Running and hiding is even more frequent and from this episode. The game is also somewhat longer. It’s kinda old and scary. the puzzles kinda hard at time but who cares anyway. Just like Penumbra Overture and Amnesia. Creepy atmosphere. it is definitely one of the best horror game under the year of 2010.

This is an incredible game. Highly recommended for Overture lovers, and you should get Penumbra Requiem after this. I definitely recommend this game to anyone wanting a dark, atmospheric game to pay that isn’t typical like Doom 3 or Dead Space. Good game, better than the first one. Several interesting and scary moments. If you took Portal and turned it into a survival horror narrative you would have the Penumbra series.

Penumbra Black Plague Screenshots

Penumbra Black Plague PC Games Gameplay

Penumbra Black Plague PC Games Gameplay

Penumbra Black Plague PC Games Gameplay

Penumbra Black Plague System Requirements

  • OS: XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 256MB(XP)
  • Graphics: Radeon 8500 / Geforce 3(MX4 Not supported)
  • Hard Drive: 800MB Free Space
  • Sound: Soundblaster compatible

Penumbra Black Plague Free Download

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