Chicken Invaders 5 Free Download Full Game For Windows

Download Chicken Invaders 5 Cluck of the Dark Side pc game full version setup file, direct link for windows. The main theme of the game is a battle between a lone combat spacecraft and a technologically advanced race of space faring chickens, who are intent on subjugating and later destroying Earth.

About Chicken Invaders 5

The games make heavy use of humor, especially in the form of parodies of Galaxian, Star Wars, Space Invaders and Star Trek. This is the fifth time those annoying chickens are invading Earth. Extravaganza chicken meal at the famous orbital Space Burger. Chickens invaders is fun to play and makes you smile. The power ups are pretty amazing. All the fun you had with the early flying invaders. This Is The Greatest space shooter I have ever played.

Chicken Invaders 5 PC

The player takes control of a lone spacecraft, and must protect Earth from swarms of invading chickens. The game features weapon power ups that resemble gift boxes, and the player can use these to upgrade their weapons. The difficulty increases each time players advance to a new level; the enemies move or fall faster, and objects like asteroids move faster. This game offers 120 chicken waves with three levels of difficulty Rookie, Veteran and Superstar Hero. Plenty of different weapons to eliminate all chickens. And be sure to collect as many foods, coins and powerups as possible to accumulate your best score.

Chickens drop eggs which must be avoided, otherwise the player will die if they collide with these projectiles. Chicken drumsticks fall from the chickens when they’re killed, and if the player collects enough of these they earn a missile. These missiles can then be used to wipe out everything (except the player) on the screen.

Chicken Invaders 5 Screenshots

Chicken Invaders 5 Free Download PC Games

Chicken Invaders 5 PC Games Gameplay

Chicken Invaders 5 PC Games Gameplay

Chicken Invaders 5 System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 1.0 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 3D-accelerated graphics card (GeForce2-class or better)
  • 225 MB free disk space

Chicken Invaders 5 Free Download

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